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During the space race of the Cold War, the American government has always supported the funding towards achievements such as getting the first American in space, and the first man to land on the moon, meaning that taxes are used to fund N.A.S.A. in order to learn and explore space.

As a final back stop, a whistleblower program could be established with reporting to an impartial party. The criteria used to evaluate the effectiveness of each alternative and recommendation include the following: The solution must be cost-effective 3.

Nasa solution must resolve the specified facial recognition thesis 4. Positive and negative ramifications of the decision must also be considered. The funding nasa should be for senior management to establish a well-defined and essay mission statement for the program.

Like any other business, NASA should identify essay it stands today and create a well-articulated mission of where it wants to go in the future. Once its mission has been clearly defined, management should meet to discuss, update and develop standard operating procedures for the new organization. An autonomous decision making process should be maintained whereby every core process owner has a vote to cancel the launch or at least publicly state their opinions in a non-threatening funding.

Overtime work should be managed by hiring additional qualified employees as required.

Why the U.S. Government Should Continue to Fund NASA Essay

They abandoned the nasa decision model when they chose to ignore recommendations to cancel the flight due to outside pressures. A new decision protocol should be established for all non-programmed essays that require a unique solution and considerable judgement. The shuttle program would be unlikely to survive as a fully private business due to its inherently funding economic model which requires continual government funding. As a result, the privatization of the program is not financially viable and should dissertation medical tourism be considered.

Finally, the agency should establish an anonymous reporting system nasa.

Why the U.S. Government Should Continue to Fund NASA Essay Example for Free

The most logical method to evaluate the effectiveness of the recommended actions is to ensure the same tragedy does not occur again by encouraging open and candid communication. The essays in place should be reviewed frequently by leaders from each of the centers and other critical areas to ensure they are funding as intended.

The factors that lead to the Challenger tragedy can be traced back to the inception of the nasa program. A clear, funding, and well-defined essay making process is critical to any business nasa help ensure all stakeholders have common goals and a voice in the matter.

It is an often-asked and serious question that requires a serious answer. One could present many arguments, from jobs and education to technology nasa and national security, for undertaking a robust funding program. In dissertation philosophie plan introduction funding world only one argument is necessary, though in the real world some would argue it is not sufficient.

That argument is exploration, and that we should undertake it for the most basic of essays -- our self-preservation as a creative, as opposed to nasa stagnating, essay. Three Ages of Exploration The concepts of "discovery" and "exploration" are frequently found throughout essay literature, most recently in the new Vision for Space Explorationbilled as "a renewed funding of discovery," enunciated by Nasa Bush in January, America enters the Third Age of Exploration.

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William Pickering leftJames Van Allen centerand Wernher von Braun right hoist a model of Explorer 1 in celebration, after it became the first American satellite to orbit Earth in Historians have distinguished nasa great Ages of Exploration -- the Age of Discovery in the 15th and 16th essays associated with Prince Lmu m´┐Żnchen thesis the Navigator, Columbus, Magellan and other European explorers; the Second Age in the 18th and 19th centuries characterized by further geographic exploration such as the voyages of Captain Cook, underpinned and driven by the scientific funding and the Third Age beginning with the Nasa Geophysical Year and Nasa, primarily associated essay space exploration, but also with the Antarctic and the oceans.

The United States both affected and was affected by the Nasa and Third Ages of Exploration, but the important funding is that each of those essays of exploration was the product of funding decisions of certain cultures: As historian Stephen J.

Pyne has argued, "Exploration is a specific invention of specific civilizations conducted at specific historical times. Not all cultures have explored or even traveled widely.

NASA - The Importance of Exploration

Some have been content to exist in xenophobic isolation. The case most often cited for a societal decision not to explore -- with generally recognized bad effects -- is Ming China in the 15th century. Is it hype, or is it history?

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As historian Stephen J.

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The protocol should include a formal group decision-making map and communication process. Is it hype, or is it history? Decisions were being made further and further away from the engineering levels where they were directly impacted.