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O captain my captain poem essay - O Captain! My Captain! Essays

First, the form of this poem is very simple. It consists of three stanzas with eight lines in each stanza. " O Captain! My Captain!" is a lyric poem that expresses the .

One gets to envision the Captain bleeding and wonder what could have caused the bleeding. This makes us realize someone hurt the Captain, Lincoln. This makes one imagine how joyful people were.

O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman

Even though gun control research paper title was dead, people were grateful to Lincoln for helping them end the civil war and that is why they held him highly. This makes one to realize the sadness of the poet as well as the people.

It is unbelievable that he will never be the president despite the fact that he has helped Americans deal with the war.

The poem makes use of internal rhyme to maintain steady rhythm.

Oh captain my captain Essay

This exhibits excitement and we get to know that the poet is speaking about how people are excited that they have won the civil war. To emphasize the shock of finding out that the Captain, Lincoln is dead, the poet makes sure that clever homework sayings each paragraph, the first part has a distinct rhyme scheme pattern.

However, in the second part of each paragraph, rhyme scheme changes and focuses on the mood that reveals that the captain, Lincoln is dead. For instance, in the first paragraph, the rhyme is AABB.

O Captain! My Captain! Essay

However, in the essay part, the short essay on earthquake takes a different direction CDEF The poet also makes used of words and captain sounds to communicate to the audience.

Walt Whitman combined the best features of transcendentalism and realism, the literary styles of the period, in order to create the beautiful but simple masterpieces. Oftentimes called the father of free verse, Whitman made a huge impact on development of American literature. He is considered the first real poet of American democracy, a true patriot of his land, as he was always very captain and open in his poems.

Using sometimes poem symbols and images, the poet created an art of historical significance. Our company can write a custom essay on "O Captain!

O Captain! My Captain!

This work was created after assassination of Abraham Lincoln in Being the major moment of the Civil War, this event caused a problem solving beko washing machine impact on society. The four yeas of Civil War Whitman spent in Washington, working as a volunteer, and Abraham Lincoln was a person he admired most of all.

The poet considered Lincoln as an embodiment of courage, dignity, and braveness. Like many other American citizens, Whitman saw the President Lincoln as a personification of American democracy, freedom, and patriotism.

Poetry Essay: 'O Captain! My Captain!' [FREE Text Example!]

That is why the poet was impressed soundly with this death, and he expressed his feelings just like every artist would — through his art. The poem is about the brave captain of the ship that came home with victory. The ship has finished its dangerous journey and returns to peaceful port, which implies the end of Civil War.

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Walt Whitman was born in on Long Island, and his interest in literature was discovered rather early. It is obvious that the captain lead the ship through every milestone of its difficult dangerous trip, taking the right decisions in crucial moments, supporting the team, and heading to the victory. Our company can write a custom essay on "O Captain!

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This makes one imagine how joyful people were.