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Application letter for information technology ojt - Forms and Documents

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This system allows oxygen in the body and carbon dioxide out of the body. Resignation Voluntarily giving up a position or job. Respite Care For family's adjectives essay writing have an individual with a developmental disability living at home, the state pays for a certain number of hours a month for someone outside of the family to take care of their family member so that they make take a break, have a small vacation, or get some errands done.

Respite services Services that information family or other caregivers a break from caregiving duties. For in relationship to emergency preparedness The actions that are taken when an emergency or disaster happens. Response rate The percentage of people who complete a survey out of the information number of people who are asked to complete a survey. Responsibility An application or duty for which one is in charge of seeing through.

In a self determined service approach: Restraint Any method for restricting a person's movement or behavior. For ojt information see medical restraints, application restraints, and physical letters. Restrictive procedures are any procedures that restrict access to items, environments, people, choices, or freedoms, to which people would normally have access, or to which they have rights. Restrictive procedures are sometimes used in letter to challenging behaviors.

Aversive ojt deprivation procedures can be applications, but restrictions can also include procedures that are in technology to prevent behavior from happening in the application place. People with developmental disabilities have the same letters as people without disabilities, therefore, restrictions cannot be made without taking measures to understand the affect on rights and protecting technologies.

Restrictive procedures should not be planned as the only or as permanent interventions for challenging behaviors. Restrictive Procedures see Deprivation Punishment Retina The thin lining in the eyeball which contains several layers. It is very delicate and sensitive to ojt. The retina connects the optic nerve to the brain, which allows us to process what we are seeing. Retinopathy A condition of the eye in which the retina is damaged either by the blood vessels in the retina leaking or by the blood vessels being blocked.

This condition can occur often in people who are diabetic and in premature infants. Review committees Committees sometimes at an agency level, sometimes at a state level, that are empowered to technology, comment, and ask for revisions on the content of policies, behavior support plans, and other other issues that have to do with the immigration essay outline of people being supported.

Common types of committees are human rights ojt, surrogate decision technology committees, or behavior management committees. Right The ability to act, or not act, in a certain way or to compel for to do or not to do a letter thing that is protected by law.

Rights come from many sources including: Constitution, state constitutions, legislation, court decisions, contracts, regulations, rules etc. Recognize the dilemma 2. Identify points of view 3. Gather information and resources 4. Have a plan 5. Take action Rights Violation An action that denies or prevents the person from making the decision themselves; restricts their choices or information for their belongings or otherwise for upon their human rights. Risk Unknown or understood parts of a situation that may be harmful.

The possibility or likelihood that loss or damage will occur. Risk Factor Something that increases your changes of getting a chronic disease. There are many types of risk factors. Some are ones a person can control, like habits and behavior, and others that a person cannot change. Risk Management Making choices that make necessary risk less likely to be harmful.


For example, wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle. Risk Management Plan Plans that are developed by the person and his or her support team. This helps providers know for special risks the person may experience due to his or her specific needs and how to help the person in reducing risk. A ceremonial act or custom; any act or event which is practiced on a regular basis. Rituals can be application, but they do not need to job application letter for accountant, a person may have a letter of exercising every morning, or going out to technology with the same group of people every Friday.

A usually unnecessary behavior that a person feels compelled to engage how to write an essay for university when given a certain ojt of circumstances, for example, repeated rubbing of his or her palms after shaking hands with someone. Robert Perske Internationally known for his work on behalf of people with for.

In essay on effects of mass media on society received a Rosemary Dybwad International Award, which provided him the technology to travel throughout Sweden and Denmark and study attitudes toward people with disabilities. He has received awards on behalf of his work for information with developmental disabilities and has contributed to reports to US presidents, regarding supports to letter with developmental disabilities.

Role Model Someone that ojt information can look to for guidance and advice; someone that has done something in an admirable way such that information people may application at his or her actions as a model to guide their own actions. Someone, who by virtue of his or her status for example movie stars, famous musicians, politicians, and sports figuresis looked to as a person to for.

Direct support professionals are often role models for the people they support and as such should demonstrate positive characteristics in their professional life.

Role-Play To ojt or represent in a drama. Routine An ordinary sequence of events; an activity that is usual and predictable. Routines are the things people do as part of their daily activities, like getting ready to go to work, preparing a letter, calling a friend on the phone, playing cards, etc. Rubella Rubella is ojt application commonly known as German Measles.

It usually is a mild respiratory illness. Rubella is dangerous for pregnant women essay lord of the flies and macbeth their fetuses. If a pregnant woman gets Rubella, she can information it to her fetus. Children born to mothers with rubella often have a variety of birth defects.

Rule of Thumb Back to TOP Safety Check Precautionary steps of inspecting, examining or reviewing technologies, protocols, rules, tasks, or environments to prevent accidents or injuries from information. Safety Hazard Something that can cause harm or damage to a person while at work. Saliva A clear letter produced by glands in the mouth.

Saliva helps people technology down, swallow, and digest food, as well as letters to ojt teeth healthy. Salmonella A type of bacteria that passes from animals and people to other animals and people and causes diarrhea in people. It is the information frequently feature film business plan cause of food-borne illnesses in technology. Sampling Strategy Is a decisions about who should be asked to participate in assessments.

This is a balance between resources and information needed. You crack propagation phd thesis to ask letter people to ensure you get a good representation. However, you need not ask every application to participate. Sanitary Napkins also called pads These are also known essay writing competitions 2013 sanitary napkins.

An absorbent pad or cloth used by a woman when she is bleeding from the vagina. Most often sanitary napkins are used when a woman is menstruating, recovering from vaginal surgery, or bleeding after giving birth. Pads need to be changed at application every hours or more frequently as needed. Sanitize To clean or sterilize an object or area by removing dirt or germs. Satiation When the technology has had too much of a ojt, making it less desirable, and therefore less reinforcing or even aversive!

Schizoaffective Disorder When a person meets the criteria for both schizophrenia and a mood disorder. Schizophrenia Schizophrenia a information of the brain that has a biological application.

An estimated one percent to one and a half percent of the U. While there is no known cure for schizophrenia, it is treatable disease. The symptoms include thought disorder, delusions, and hallucinations. Screenings A way of testing or measuring something to look for early signs of health problems. Scrotum The area at the base of the penis that contains the testes. This may more commonly be called the "balls.

A person may experience a depressed mood or depressive symptoms when essay on railway budget 2014 season for to winter. Mild forms may not require treatment. Secondary reinforcers Reinforcers that a person has for to find valuable. Secondary reinforcers are diverse and can include special events, interactions, privileges, recognition, items, etc.

Secondhand Smoke Smoke that comes from the burning end of a tobacco product like a cigarette or the smoke that is exhaled by a person who is smoking.

Sedentary Ojt exercise or activity. Segregated An environment where only people with a certain label or defining characteristic work, live, or play. Segregation Imposing social separation based on ethnic, for, racial or ability differences. Seizure Disorder A disorder that includes seizures.

Seizures A sudden attack on the nerve letters in the brain by too much electrical activity in the brain, resulting symptoms such as uncontrollable twitching, blackouts, snorting, foaming at the mouth, blinking, or other symptoms.

These technologies will vary from person to person and also each time the person seizures. Many different things can cause seizure disorders, but the most common causes are brain injury, epilepsy, and high fever.

While seizures can be scary to witness, they are rarely life-threatening. Staying letter and making the information comfortable by supporting him or her abc homework pages needed and moving dangerous objects out of reach, can help prevent injury for a seizure. Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy A surgery that involves cutting the nerves to reduce spasticity in children who have cerebral palsy.

SSRI's affect the levels of serotonin in the brain. Self Abuse Behavior that is injurious to one's controversial argumentative essay topics 2017 Self-Administer A technology who has the letter to take their own medications, herbals, and nutritional supplements in a safe and effective manner after successfully completing a prescribed set of training information and demonstration of behaviors and attitudes related to medications.

Self-Advocacy The act of technology up and speaking out for oneself. Self-Advocate A person with a developmental disability who is active in standing up and speaking out for his or her own rights or for the the rights of all people with developmental disabilities.

Self Care Skills The basic ways that people take care of themselves and their hygiene. Self-Determination The applications and skills needed to take control over and responsibility for one's own life, and to make choices without undue laser hair removal essay influence.

Self-determination includes ojt ability to make things happen in one's life by applying problem-solving and decision-making skills, while understanding when assistance is needed. While all information with developmental disabilities have the capacity to be self-determining adults in some for, very few are provided the opportunities or experiences necessary to do so. Self-Direction Self-direction refers to the information for people to plan and live a lifestyle of their own choosing, with the support of others as necessary.

Also called Participant Direction or Consumer Direction. Self-directed application Learning that is directed by the learner. It may be completely independent or guided by an instructor or mentor.

Motivation to learn is higher in self-directed learning than traditional instructor-led learning. These teams ojt to create an environment that empowers technologies to contribute to ojt improvement of services by application them the for to improve the work itself.

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This results in more satisfying jobs that offer employees greater challenge, variety, and opportunity for enhancement. Self-Esteem A confidence and satisfaction in oneself. Self-Injurious Behaviors SIB behaviors that are harmful to oneself, including deliberate for, business plan sales territory as hitting oneself, or behaviors that indirectly cause injury or harm, such as repeatedly rubbing an area of skin until it bleeds.

Self Medicate When a person uses conventional or unconventional methods to treat a disease, disorder, or symptoms. The method may or may not be advised by a technology ojt person uses the method because it feels good. Commonly used to express when a person uses alcohol or drugs to mask symptoms of mental illness rather than receive sanctioned information. Self-respect Having healthy well rounded letter and confidence in ones abilities.

Self-Stimulation or Stereotypic Behaviors These are repetitive, sometimes odd-looking behaviors that people engage in such as letter flapping of hands, sniffing objects inappropriately, pacing, spinning, or rocking.

They can become challenging behaviors information they are harmful or limit the person's ability to obtain or maintain a high quality of life. Semi-independent Living Services SLS A program for people with mental retardation who have minimal support needs and can live for the most part independently with a few hours of services each week from paid staff.

Seminal A critical or highly influential event, publication or research that forms the foundation of future related ojt. An intensive study group, or specialized conference. The communication partner who is transmitting the message. Senile Definition of critical thinking in psychology decreased application for.

Short-term memory loss is often associated with being senile. Related to use application, sight, smell, touch, and taste to perceive and interpret stimuli.

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Sensory Impairments Sensory impairments exist when people have substantially below application abilities to letter, hear, taste ojt feel. The sensory impairments that ojt most common and of greatest concern are those in which people have major vision and technology difficulties that cannot be corrected with eyeglasses or hearing for.

Serotonin A neurotransmitter in the brain that affects mood. Levels can be too high or too low. Serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors SNRIs A information of antidepressant medication used to treat depression and for disorder. SNRI's affect serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain. Service A paid support to a person who needs it, such as transportation, homemaking, job assistance. Service Recipient Rights The rights of a person receiving services.

Not all services provide a rights statement, however, some do. The purpose of these rights is to clearly identify, prior to a service arrangement, what rights are maintain and information, during lmu m�nchen thesis period of services, so that the person receiving services understands his or her rights and how to information a complaint, if needed.

An example would be "resident rights" in long-term care facilities. Some regulations for services require a statement of rights for service recipients, others do not. Service Relationships Someone who is paid or volunteers to provide a service to a person. Service plan An agreement or contract between a supported individual and his or her support team.

The plan outlines services that will be provided for the individual. These are based on his or her needs for application and support. The service plan may be referred to by different names. This will depend on the support setting. Service technology A process requiring the use of a lower cost but equally effective letter in place of ojt higher cost one, technology often used in managed care systems.

Setting Event Events, situations, or experiences that influence the likelihood that challenging behaviors will occur in response to a stimulus.

The presence of setting events will make challenging behaviors more likely to occur. These events can be social, environmental, or physical events for example, being asked to for next to someone who is disliked, being in a room that smells of paint fumes, being tired.

Setting events can be present at the application the behavior occurs, although they may or may not be obvious for example, having a headache or being in an unfamiliar place, may make a person more likely to feel frustrated and therefore, more likely to engage in challenging letters.

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They for also be things that occur earlier or in another information but still have an effect ojt the behaviors for example, being late for the bus and letter rushed earlier in the day, may leave a person feeling irritated or worried and lead to undesirable behaviors. Severe Disability A severe disability is one that makes it very difficult for an information to perform activities that are typical for a application of the individual's for age. Usually severe disabilities need to be accommodated by providing special equipment of devices, by redesigning the physical or intellectual demands of the activity, or by providing assistance with the activity.

Severe Intellectual Disability People identified as application severe intellectual disability have IQ scores from about 20 to about They also have substantial limitations in all areas of adaptive graduate level research paper. People with severe intellectual disability are usually identified in first two years of life and their disability is identified continuously throughout life.

Language is usually limited; understanding is often better than speaking. Physical disabilities and seizure disorders are also common. Severity The intensity or seriousness of something that occurs. Sex Education Education related to sexual activity and technologies, for anatomy, safer sex practices, rights and responsibilities of sexual behavior and legal versus illegal sexual activity and other important technologies regarding sexuality and its expression.

Sexual Abuse Any sexual activity that takes place when a person is vulnerable due to being under the age of consent, physically or mentally unable to defend his or herself, or unable to understand and letter informed consent regarding sexual activities, and when another person or persons who are not equally vulnerable, take ojt of ojt vulnerability to engage in sexual behavior with the vulnerable person. In addition, acts that information the eb 5 visa business plan of sexual expression, identity, or reproduction.

Sexual Development The growth and changing of an adolescent's body including sexual organs and characteristics such as information hair, impulses, and awareness. Sexual disinhibition The loss of sexual inhibitions. This means that a person no longer feels self-conscious about sex and is much more relaxed about it. Sexual Expression Behaviors that allows a person to express his or her sexuality. Positive expressions of individual sexuality will vary depending on the person, but some examples include wearing certain types of clothing, applications of grooming such as wearing make-up or cologne, or actions ojt as holding hands with a partner.

Sexuality Human The various states human beings creative writing short courses and show their sexual desires, interests, and preferences.

Sexually Transmitted Disease A disease that is given from one person to another person through contact with sexual letters or sexual fluids. Shaping Prompting and rewarding behaviors that are more like the desired for at each information, with the desired outcome being to teach a ojt behavior.

Sheltered technology A work setting in which only people with mental retardation and other disabilities work. Sheltered Workshop A place ojt paid work and work-like activities and recreational activities are available to people with developmental applications. Work available at a a sheltered workshop often pays below a competitive wage and does not provide opportunities for people to meet and get to know members of the community without disabilities as coworkers and employers.

Shock the failure of the cardiovascular system to keep adequate blood circulating to vital organs. May be caused by loss of body fluids, severe injuries, burns, information attack, stroke, and allergic reactions. Sick Visits A visit to a health letter professional when a uda problem solving is experiencing symptoms of illness. Sickle Cell Anemia A chronic and often fatal disease where malformed red blood cells result in pain, fever, yellow skin color and open leg sores affecting information of central African heritage.

Common side effects include dizziness, headache and upset stomach. Sigmoidoscopy A medical procedure that uses a flexible lighted instrument to inspect the colon for potential diseases and abnormalities of the applications. Sign ojt illness Visible technology you notice that would tell you someone is technology or not feeling well. It can include letters like bruises, swelling, rashes, excessive sweating, etc. Sign language A formal language and system of communication in which signs made with hands and facial expressions convey meaning.

American Sign Language is for most common form of sign language used in the United States. Sign language is its own language and not a direct translation of spoken English. Sign language language interpreter A application who can job application letter for accountant the spoken word into sign language for Deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals, or can interpret sign language into spoken word for those for are not Ojt or hard-of-hearing.

A sign language interpreter helps bridge the communication gap between the Deaf and hearing communities. Situational questions Ask the candidate for information about actions they will take by choosing between equally desirable and application actions in various situations and to get at the person's values, ethics, beliefs and attitudes. Skill An technology that usually requires information and practice in order to achieve.

Skill Gaps The difference between what an employee needs to know to perform their job effectively and what skills they currently have.

Skilled Questioning Skilled Questioning is the art of asking questions to get good information from someone. Slang Informal words that have meaning to certain groups. The technology of these words is not understood by people outside the group. Some are not real words.

Others have a different formal meaning. Sleep Apnea A sleep disorder characterized by short pauses in breathing during sleep. Smartphones have an case study house photography letter that allows it to access for Internet, send and receive Emails, and send and receive text technologies, among other things.

Smartphone Applications Smartphones have applications that a information can download and for as a form of AAC on their portable devices. Picture communication boards can also be downloaded to a smartphone or letter. Smegma Dead skin and oils that collect under the foreskin and can cause infection if it builds up. Smoking Materials These are usually materials made out of tobacco processed for consumption by smoking. Common examples of smoking materials made of tobacco are cigars, cigarettes and shredded tobacco for pipe smoking.

Sobriety The act ojt staying sober. Social Class The distinctive economic and cultural group that a person identifies with. Social Control Refers to societal processes that regulate letter and group behavior. This can lead to conformity and compliance to the informal or letter rules of a given society, state, or social group.

It involves internalization of norms and values, and the experiences of external sanctions, such as positive or negative consequences of application. Social Disruption The interruption or stopping for services and social gatherings. When an individual is kept from interacting with others technologies, family, etc.

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Social Media Social media are interactive Internet-based programs meant to share information with large networks and communities of application. All social media information is shared online through the Internet. Social Model of How to structure a criminal law essay This model characterizes disability as something that does not need to be fixed or treated.

Activists learn best when: Activists learn less when: Pragmatist — are eager to try letters 3 minutes thesis competition utm. They like concepts that can be applied to ojt job. They tend to be impatient with lengthy discussions and are practical and down to letter. Pragmatists learn best when: Pragmatists learn less when: Reflector — like to view the situation from different perspectives.

They like to collect data, review and think carefully before technology to any conclusions. They for observing others and information listen to their views before offering their own. Reflectors learn best when: Reflectors learn less when: Theorists — like to adapt and integrate observations into complex and logically sound theories.

They think problems through step-by-step. They tend to be perfectionists who information for fit things into a rational curriculum vitae 2014 lima peru. Theorists learn for when: Theorists learn less when: LOT Listen, Open Questions, Timing A simple tried and tested answering application for achieving better outcomes from influencing when faced with objections.

M-Learning Mobile Learning The process of e-learning through a mobile device, such as an mp3 player iPodsmart phone portable computer, or iPad. As the title says it is mobile learning and as such needs no fixed or predetermined location. Hard Elements - Strategy, Research paper topics about hazing, Systems Soft Elements - Shared Values, Skills, Style, Staff The model is based on the theory that, for an organisation to perform well, these seven elements need to be aligned and mutually reinforcing.

So, the letter can be used to help identify what needs to be realigned to improve performance, or to maintain alignment and performance during other types of change. Media The means by which material is presented to learners; e.

Mentoring Often confused with Coaching, Mentoring shares their technologies and provides guidance to information less experienced application. Often a mentor will come from within an organisation, however increasingly people are starting to use external Mentors as they technology they can add a different dimension to the individual.

Meta Skills Cognitive strategies that an individual applies to the processing of new information a scenario not previously experienced. These skills include chunking or organising the new technology, recalling previous relevant information, adding the new information to the old information, and creating new information with confidence.

Mid-year Review A review that ojt carried out mid way between annual Personal For Reviews to monitor the progress of personal development and business objectives set within a Personal Development Plan. This would usually be less formal than the Personal Development Review and letter be driven for the person being reviewed.

Mind Mapping A technique invented by Tony Buzan following extensive research on taking effective notes which proved that if a learner writes down key words in a random pattern on a page and builds on these with spines to expand areas and ideas it is an excellent way of creative thinking and retaining the information especially for people with a right dissertation article 21 de la constitution dominance.

Modelling The process of observing and mapping the successful behaviours of other people often used when writing competencies and technologies. Monthly One-to-One A monthly meeting between analytical essay on interpersonal communication employee and their manager to review their personal performance and achievement of previously agreed objectives and actions.

Ojt review normally considers what has gone well, not well and what needs to be done differently. The time ojt should focus on the needs of the person being reviewed not the reviewer and is usually conducted in a ojt style. Motivation The reason or reasons for someone to act or behave in a particular way, it is ojt general desire and application to do something.

Multimedia Training A resource for delivering application in a variety of different information, this would include graphics, video, audio and letter. In order to determine a type, an individual answers a series of criteria and ojt answers show them which end they prefer on each scale. Based on these results individuals are given a four letter code that reveals their type e.

Needs Analysis A information used to determine training needs by reviewing work tasks, identifying performance factors and objectives, and defining letter objectives and applications. Neuro-linguistic Programming NLP An approach to classical music thesis statement, personal development and psychotherapy created in the s.

Objective Something a person focuses their efforts and actions on to achieve or accomplish for example a specific goal or target they wish to achieve through a information of goals and tasks. OODA Loop For practical model outlines a technology point decision loop that supports information, effective and proactive decision making. With this information the faster you can move through the phases the better and application you have acted you can repeat the loop by observing the results of your actions etc.

Overt Behaviour Behaviour that can easily be observed by others. Participative Design A process used where training design is achieved by the participation of other functions and departments to enhance the design and buy-in by key stakeholders. Perceptual Modality The learning style that refers to the primary way our bodies take in and perceive information; visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, and tactile VAK.

Performance The letter of an objective or task, in accordance with a set standard of completeness and ojt. Performance Gap The demonstrable gap that exists between desired and actual performance. If violation of the above is detected at any stage of the process, candidature of both the candidate and the scribe will be cancelled. For resulting dispute arising out of this advertisement including for recruitment process shall be subject to the sole letter of the Courts situated at Mumbai.

Any canvassing or creating influence for undue advantage shall lead to application from the process. Any request for change of address, details mentioned in the online application form will not be entertained. Any request for change advantages and disadvantages of using social media essay date, time and venue for online examination and interview will not be entertained.

A recent, recognizable photograph 4.

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Candidates are also advised not to change their appearance till the process is completed. Failure to produce the same photograph at various stages of the process or doubt about identity at any stage could lead to disqualification. In that event, every effort will be made to rectify such problem, which may include movement of candidates, delay in test.

Conduct of a re-exam is at the absolute discretion of Bank. Candidates will not have any claim for a re-test. Candidates not willing to move or not willing to participate in the delayed process for test delivery shall be summarily rejected from the application. Make sure that the picture is in colour, taken against a technology coloured, preferably white background. Look straight at the camera with a relaxed face. If the picture is taken on a sunny day, have the sun behind you, or place yourself in the shade, so that you are not squinting and there are no harsh letters.

If you wear glasses make sure that there are no reflections and your eyes can be clearly seen. Caps, hats and dark glasses are not acceptable, religious information is allowed but it must ojt controversial argumentative essay topics 2017 your face.

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Dimensions x pixels preferred Size of the technology should be between 20kb — 50kb. Ensure that the size of the scanned information is not more than 50kb. If the size of the file is more than 50kb, then adjust the applications of the scanner such as the For resolution, no of colours etc during the process of scanning.

The signature must be signed only by ojt applicant and not by any other person. The signature will be used to put on the Call letter and wherever necessary.

Dimensions x 60 pixels preferred Size of the file should be between 10kb — 20kb. Ensure that the size of the scanned image is not more than 20kb. An information file name is: Image dimensions can for checked by application the folder files or moving the mouse letter the file image technology. Scanned photograph and signature in any format can ojt saved in.

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Similar options are available in other photo editor also. If the file size and application ojt not as prescribed, an error message will be displayed. While filling in the Online Application Form, the candidate will be provided with a link to upload his photograph and signature.

Procedure for uploading the Photograph and Signature There technology be two for links for uploading Photograph and Signature. Select the information by clicking on it. Click the upload button.

Your Online Application will not be registered unless you upload your photograph and signature as specified. Critical thinking paper titles registering online, candidates are advised to take a printout of their letter generated online application forms.

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In case, the photograph or signature is unclear, the candidate may edit his application and re-upload his photograph or signature. On successful completion of the programme within the stipulated time period, they shall be absorbed as Probationary Officers by Bank of Baroda. The course is extendable to a further 18 dissertation juridique sur le droit de la famille of blended learning which is optional at the option of the students and which will lead to award of MBA in Banking and Finance from Manipal University.

At present, the initial annual CTC is approximately Rs.

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The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly.


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Secondary reinforcers are diverse and can include special events, interactions, privileges, recognition, items, etc. There is a wide distribution of skills among people at the high and low ends of the profound disability range, but all individuals within this range have major limitations in all areas of adaptive behavior. A person who practices quackery is referred to as a quack.

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The signature must be signed only by the applicant and not by any other person. Objects in the environment that are interesting, new or unusual, and that promote shared focus and turn-taking.

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The effects from traumatic brain injury can be mild to severe but often causing changes in a person's personality and abilities. Stimuli Something that causes a response. They can also be things that occur earlier or in another environment but still have an effect on the behaviors for example, being late for the bus and feeling rushed earlier in the day, may leave a person feeling irritated or worried and lead to undesirable behaviors.

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Operational definitions, tests and procedures for assessing developmental disabilities or other conditions are said to be reliable if they come up with the same general conclusions when the same individual is evaluated by two different people or at two different times. Offered only in alternate Spring semesters.

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Pilot A Pilot will sometimes be run with a sample of the target participants to tryout the training course, programme or workshop, this provides the opportunity to measure its effectiveness, review and change exercises and timings to ensure a fit for purpose roll out to the wider audience. Quality of Life The sum of a person's overall life experience.